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since 2016​

Mercadito was founded by two people who have a deep passion for good food, and an inner desire to provide affordable, delicious, healthy organic food for the public.  Our goal is to share our vision with the public and to make a difference in the way people eat.


At Mercadito, we provide fresh organic produce, fresh coffee and breakfast items, delicious desserts, amazing fusion foods and authentic foods from Mexico City all prepared by locally known Chef Nes Atayde. What sets Mercadito apart from other food trucks is the original menus of Nes Atayde and the fresh organic produce available for our customers! Our motto is simple, . . . We make food for you, based on what we love to do!  Lets change the way we think, lets change the way we eat!


Mercadito Food Truck is a family owned operation located in the Napa Valley.  Our goal is to treat every customer like they are part of our family.  Other companies may offer similar services but at Mercadito, we believe that our food stands out from the rest.  We offer our personal gaurentee of healthy, affordable and delicious food.  


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It all began one fine day in Napa California....